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Can you Vape During Pregnancy?

Will it be okay to vape during pregnancy?

Becky Spencer-Davies, 05/04/2019 


ou’ll know that smoking during pregnancy is harmful and not advised. You may think that as vaping does not contain the same chemicals as cigarettes that it is deemed safe. However, vaping during pregnancy is not advised.

What is vaping?
An e-cig, also known as a vape device, is a method to help you quit smoking. Vaping allows you to keep up the act and habit of smoking and provides you with a nicotine hit without the cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes. 

Is it safe to vape when you are pregnant? 

You know that you will be packing up the cigarettes now you have a baby on board, but how about vaping? Pregnant woman are not advised to use any nicotine replacement products during pregnancy, such as patches, gum or tablets. Same goes for e-cigarettes. 

The Science

There have been studies in rats to show that using e-cigarettes and nicotine patches during pregnancy may be linked to an increase in cot death. Sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS, is the sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy baby.

While rats and humans are genetically similar, there are obviously differences. However, human studies of this type would be unethical with the potential to cause harm to the unborn baby and the mother.

Smoking during pregnancy 

Smoking during your pregnancy can be harmful for your baby while in utero and after birth. Cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals. While e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, it is still not advised to vape during pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to:
- Low birth weight and weak lungs, which links to being more at risk of infection
- Decreased foetal movements
- Increased risk of cleft lip and cleft palate
- Impaired development and working of the placenta
- Increased risk of miscarriage and premature birth 

How can I quit smoking now that I am pregnant without vaping?

You are not advised to use nicotine products, or smoke, so how do you give up? Here are a few tips to help you quit smoking or give up vaping now you are pregnant.

- Seek help from your doctor or SmokeFree. They help you to create a quit plan, featuring triggers, reasons for quitting and how to deal with cravings
- Keep busy, sleep enough and eat well
- Exercise or meditate and find new ways to relieve stress
- Try chewing gum, or eating foods such as carrots and raisins
- Avoid situations where you might have smoked such as pub gardens until you feel ready

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