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Can you Vape if you Have Asthma?

It is no secret that smoking can aggravate asthma symptoms. In the US and UK, around 17-35% of asthmatics smoke despite the fact it can trigger attacks. If you are part of the smoking asthmatic population, then you might be looking to quit. 

You may be considering vaping to help you ditch the fags. However, you need to consider how vaping with asthma may affect you. 

In this blog, we answer some of your most asked questions on vaping with asthma to help you make an informed decision on your quit smoking methods.

We will also share some notes on passive smoking, so if you are reading this in the hope of learning more about keeping family members suffering from asthma free from attacks, we cover this too. 

Is vaping safe for asthmatics?

Is vaping safe for asthmatics is likely to be the first Google search on your list. There is evidence to suggest that e-cigs are less harmful than smoking tobacco. That being said, people who have asthma told Asthma UK that “smoke or any substance in the air can trigger symptoms”.

Vaping can of course irritate the lungs and airways, like smoking. However, if you are looking for a way to quit tobacco cigarettes then vaping is 95% safer. 

So if you have tried and failed at other nicotine replacement therapies then vaping would be a safer option. Although, it could still trigger asthma attacks as you are inhaling something into your lungs. 

Research into how vaping effects the lungs of someone with asthma. We have heard stories from customers who have quit smoking, moved on to vaping and found a drop in their inhaler usage and attacks. More on this later. 

Does passive vaping affect asthma?

Research into passive vaping’s effect on asthma is ongoing. However, early studies in 2019 found that teens with asthma who were exposed to passive vapor were 27% more likely to report an asthma attack compared to those who had no exposure. 

While Public Health England’s review 2018 found that there were no identified health risks of passive vaping, there could be an issue with asthmatics. Those with asthma can find that their lungs are irritated by all kinds of different environmental factors, such as dust, pollution and possibly vapor. 

If you live with someone who has asthma and you vape, it will probably be best to vape out of their way. You could go outside or in another room with ventilation. You may also want to consider a smaller device which produces less vapor. 

Real life story on vaping with asthma

We had a chat with an asthmatic ex smoker, and now ex vaper, about how he found his symptoms through smoking and vaping. 

“Smoking made my asthma much worse. I got wheezy a lot sometimes just from walking around. Also I found when I got a cold I would get awful chesty coughs which also made me super wheezy with my asthma. Never had that again since quitting cigarettes. I was an idiot for smoking.”

We then asked about vaping and whether that was better.

“I vaped for 4 years and it wasn’t so bad for aggravating my asthma symptoms but I never did the big lung filling, cloud chase vaping. I used an MTL kit with small throat hits. I did have a problem with menthol liquid which made me wheezy. My inhaler use dropped significantly compared to when I was smoking.”

So, can I vape with asthma? 

There is nothing stopping you from vaping with asthma. However, it may aggravate your symptoms, but no more (possibly even less) than smoking.

Vaping is also a safer option than smoking and less likely to cause conditions that smoking is known too.

If you are concerned about vaping with asthma, then have a chat with your healthcare provider who will be able to advise you. 

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