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Should you Vape when you are Sick?

Feeling under the weather? Find out about vaping when sick

Becky Spencer Davies, 11/04/2019

The common cold gets us all at some point. A cold can leave you feeling pretty crappy, with a stuffy nose, headache, stiff muscles, a sore throat and even a cough. We know that smoking while you have a cold is not the best idea, but can you vape while you are sick?
Smoking cigarettes can further irritate a sore throat, exasperate your headache and even lead your cough to carry on for longer. But what about vaping?

Yes you can vape while you are sick. However, there are a few things that you might wish to consider to ensure that you aren't left feeling worse.

Drink lots of water if you vape when sick

When you are sick you will probably be a dehydrated. Vaping can also lead to dehydration so make sure that during your sickness you are drinking enough water. Remember, caffeinated drinks and fizz don’t count towards hydration. Time for the H2O.

Choose low nicotine levels 

If your throat is already like sandpaper, the last thing you want is for it to be irritated. Try using a lower nicotine level to reduce the scratchy feeling. You may also find that if the illness is making you dizzy that high nicotine can make this worse. Keep those MGs low during this time. 

Change your e-liquid to menthol

When you are sick ditch the fruity or dessert flavours and try a menthol one. The icy menthol will feel great on your sinus and lungs. A few menthol ones that we enjoy are, Red Rocket for a berry and eucalyptus flavour, Ripe Co. for fruity with a menthol exhale and Double Drip Orange Mango Chill.

Opt for high VG

That scratchy throat isn’t going to like high PG. Choose an e-liquid with a high VG content, at say 70/30. High PG is great for a throat hit, but not when your throat is irritated.

While you can vape while you are sick, if you can hold out it might be best. This will give you time to fully recover from your illness. You might even find that you are too sick to even fancy vaping. If you do want to carry on though, follow these tips and drink lots of water!

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