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 How to Improve your Vape Flavour

Fancy being a flavour chaser? Improve that vape flavour with our tips

Becky Spencer-Davies, 26/03/2019 

There’s more to vaping than quitting smoking. There’s the cloud, the flavour, the community. It are these elements that keep you off the cigarettes and on the vape. There are lots of kits out there, all of which enable you to tailor your vape. Some have huge airflow and high wattage to boost cloud, whereas others improve flavour.

Other than the kit, you can improve flavour in a number of other ways. In this blog we are going to share our tips for improving vape flavour.

Turn down the airflow

While airflow is great for clouds it is not so great for flavour. When you restrict the airflow you get a richer and warmer vape.
Although be careful not to close the airflow of you’ll have a horrible burning hit that feels, tastes and smells nasty. Start with the airflow wide open and gradually close it off until the flavour reaches a sweet spot.

Adjust the wattage

 On almost any device with adjustable watts you can improve the flavour. Different elements of the flavour in the e-juice come out at different temperatures. Have a play with the watts by starting low and increasing until you find the perfect point.

Keep your coil fresh

Using a burned coil or one full of gunk is going to ruin your flavour. Make sure you have got either a fresh or a clean coil in your tank. You can easily clean your coil by soaking it in vodka or just washing it out with water. If yours is on the way out make sure you have another one ready to go and avoid a burnt vape. Buy your coils here.

High PG e-juice to improve vape flavour

 PG is the thinner part of e-juice that carries the flavour. If you want to get more flavour from your juice then try a higher PG ratio. However, careful not to go too high on the PG as you might have problems with a harsh throat hit and a leaky tank. Try 60/40.

Avoid vapers tongue! 

 You know that feeling where your e-juice doesn’t taste the same and your tongue feels off. Avoid this as it will skew your flavour. If you get vapers tongue then try switching between a few favourite flavours rather than just vaping the one.

When you are looking at ways to improve your vape flavour remember to keep your coils clean and fresh, adjust the wattage and airflow and steer clear of vapers tongue!

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