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Temperature Control Vaping, what is it?


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Temperature Control Vaping, what is it?
On many of the devices on the market there will be a temperature control feature which allows you the user to pre-set a temperature. If the device hits that temperature it cuts the power off to prevent it exceeding the value you chose. This technology has taken vaping to a new level of convenience and safety.

Why do you need to control the temperature?

Ever had a dry hit? It tastes and smells disgusting and will cause you to have to change the coil, even if you just installed it. With temperature control vaping you are able to limit and monitor the temperature of the coil to ensure that you don’t burn out your coil or experience a dry hit.

More and more devices come with a TC feature as a standard. It allows you to keep the coil heated to what it can handle and is perfect for those who are chain vaping or casually vaping.

Temperature control vaping requires you to have a specific coil that fits with your device, otherwise your device will not work. When you install your brand new coil make sure you are doing so at room temperature, the mods calculations won’t be right if you install it at any other temp.

We suggest that you use the manufacturers recommended wattage for your coil, while the device will power up to reach the wattage it will not allow it to overheat, preventing you from having a burnt coil or a horrible dry hit.

Is Temperature control vaping worth it?


Once you have had a play around with settings to see what works for you, then you will find that TC gives you a consistent and tailored vape. Oh, and it eliminates dry hits!

You will also find that your coils and wicks last much longer as they are not exceeding the designed temperature.

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