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What is a throat hit and do I get that throat feeling when vaping?

What is a throat hit and do I get that throat feeling when vaping?As a smoker you will be familiar with the “throat hit” you just might not know that it had a name.

We know that something smokers miss when the go cold turkey or when they go onto nicotine gum or patches, is that throat hit. This is the feeling you get in your throat as you inhale the smoke and breathe it into your lungs.

When you vape you have the benefit of getting the throat hit alongside the nicotine, unlike you do with patches or gum. This creates the familiar sensation of smoking tobacco, without all those harmful chemicals.

You can choose and reduce your nicotine MG content just like you can with the patches and gum. Meaning that over time you can gradually go down in strengths in order to quit the nicotine fully.

A great thing about vaping is that it allows you to keep up the familiar habits and feelings associated with smoking. Such as the throat hit, the vapour production and even going outside to have that quiet moment to yourself – although you can vape in quite a few places these days.

You can tailor your throat hit experience with vaping too.

If you want a stronger throat hit then try the following:

  • Choose a juice with a higher nicotine content
  • Decrease the air flow in your device
  • Select a higher PG blend of ejuice
  • Increase the power or temperature on your device

If you are used to smoking smooth ciggies then chances are you’ll want less of a throat hit. In which case, try the following:

  • Lower or 0MG nicotine
  • Open up the airflow fully
  • Select a high VG blend
  • Use a cotton wick
  • Choose a sweet juice

If you are unsure which throat hit you like, then stop by one of our stores to have a try of different devices and ejuices to see which one suits you best.

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