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Refillable pods for your Juul Vape Kit – Now available!

If you have brought yourself a Juul vape kit using a promo code, then I’m guessing you like to save money where you can. I doubt you’ll want to be forking out for new cartridges for your Juul vape kit every few days. A great way to save money, and spare the environment from more waste in the landfill is to buy refillable Gem Pods.

Refillable Gem Pods are just like Juul pods, only they are not closed systems and can be refilled with any of our beginner liquid collections. Juul pods have to be thrown away in the regular rubbish bin, where as Gem Pods can keep being topped up with e-liquid.

At Vape and Juice we are offering free shipping to you savvy savers, not only on Gem Pods, but across everything in store. So you might as well pop a few e-juices in your basket to go with your Juul Vape kit and Gem Pods.

Being able to put e-juice in the device opens you up to a world of flavours, and not just the 4 flavours Juul pods offer. With 4 in a packet you can have a different flavour in each pod, depending on the time of day and your mood.

Remember the days of the first e-cigarette. The one that looked like a straight and you had to buy the cartridges for it every few days, depending on how much you puffed? Well these Juul devices are much smarter looking and more robust than their predecessor, and offer a much better vape experience. Perfect to fit in your pocket or purse. They’ve even been described as “The Iphone of Vape Devices”.

The only drawback being the constant purchasing of the Juul pods, not to mention the environmental impact of the disposable cartridges. Buy your refillable just like Juul Gem pods from Vape and Juice, along with your e-juice, then you can recycle the bottles back in store to build up money on your rewards card. Get enough points on the card and you’ll be able to buy more Gem pods that are just like Juul.  

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