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How long should a coil last?

How long should a coil last me?

When customers ask us, “how long should a vape coil last” we pull up a chair and explain that how well you treat your coil and how you vape effects how long your coil will last. As a general rule, vape coils should last around 14 days, however if you take good care of your coil by making sure you maintain, clean and break it in properly, you can easily get more time out of your coil and make it last longer.

How do you make your coil last longer?

This is usually the next question we are asked by our customers looking to save money and get a better, fresher vape for longer.

Firstly, you need to prime your coil. One sure way to ruin a new coil before you’ve even got any use from it is to burn it out.

You will burn out your coil if you install it, squeeze some juice in the tank and the fire her up right away. This will make your coil last about 5 seconds before you’ll need to replace it. Make sure you let the juice absorb into the wicks. Once the wick is fully saturated then you can take a couple of hits to start warming up the juice.

Another way to make your coil last longer, related to priming, is make sure that you don’t vape when there is no juice in the tank, or if it is running low. Make sure you keep your tank topped up and the coil saturated with juice.

Vape coils need to be cleaned. This will help them to last longer. Coils can collect gunk from your e-juice giving you a less than fresh flavour. You can clean your coils really easily under a hot tap, then leave to dry out completely before you reinstall them in your device.

This simple bit of coil maintenance can see your coil lasting longer.

If you are wondering how to make your coil last longer then remember the three key considerations – don’t take dry hits, prime your coil and keep it clean. This way you could make your coil last longer than ever before, saving you a trip to the vape shop.

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