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Physical and Mental Benefits of Quitting Smoking

 Physical and Mental Benefits of Quitting Smoking

If you have been smoking most of your life, or even just for a few years, your health and wellbeing can really take a hit. Not only are you illnesses further down the line, such as cancer and heart disease, you will also be more prone to coughs and other chest related illnesses.

When you quit smoking you will experience some physical and mental benefits of making the change. In this blog we share with you the physical and mental benefits of quitting smoking, whether you move on to vape or not.

Physical – you smell a hell of alot better

Ever gone for a fag break only to come back to work to people complaining that you stink? Maybe you’ve overheard people in the supermarket complaining of a stale ciggerate smell. Or has a non smoker ever come to your house and asked to open a window because of the stench? Cigarettes leave a musty, stale smell behind that latches on to your clothes, furniture and carpets. I remember being in London with my mum and compalining that my jacket stank of smoke and indian food, she replied with “It just smells like your house.” Killer.

Physical – Your cardiovascular health improves

A physical benefit of quitting smoking is that your lung capacity will increase, making cardio fitness easier. You might find you can get up the stairs without losing your breath, or maybe you can run faster or further.

Physical – Taste food again

Smoking can damage your taste buds and impinge on how you taste food. Quit smoking and a physical benefit you will notice is the delicious tastes you’ve been missing out on for all those years!

Mental – Better mood

People have reported feeling “less cranky” after coming away from cigarettes and their additive nature. If you are vaping with nicotine then you are more likely to find a place where you are able to vape indoors and get your nicotine hit quicker than having to go outside (in all weathers) for a smoke.

Mental – New social scene

If you are a smoker who has moved on to vaping then a mental benefit is that you will find yourself part of a new social group and scene. Something that is great for your wellbeing. At Vape and Juice we have regular social meetups where we get like minded vapers together to chat about vaping and bond. It is a great way to get out and meet people.

What physical and mental benefits have you noticed since quitting smoking?

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