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Is vaping actually cheaper than smoking

Is vaping actually cheaper than smokingIf you are a smoker then chances are you might be dubious as to whether vaping is actually cheaper than smoking. It could be that you believe vaping isn’t cheap after hearing how your mate spent X amount on his newest device and have decided to stick with the ciggies.

In this blog I’m going to let you know how much cheaper vaping is than smoking and what your costs will be when you first start to vape.

Initially vaping will cost you more than a packet of cigarettes. The initial outlay for a new basic device can range from £14.99 right through to £50.00, depending on what kind of device you select. You will then need a few e-juices to keep you going and then replacing the coil as required. Depending on how much you vape will determine how much you spend on vape juice.

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It might be that when you make your first purchase you have to spend an average or about £30, which includes a mid range starter device and a few juices to get you set up. However, other than buying juice and coils this is your only ongoing cost.

Juices are around £3-5, and you will probably find you get through a couple a week, again depending on how much you vape. You can get some pretty good deals on juices, and even mix your own nic shots to save you some cash.

Coils work out to be about £2-4 each and as long as you look after them and take care not to burn them out can last you a couple of weeks or more. Vaping is much cheaper than buying a packet of ciggs every day at £10.70.

If you have smoked for years and are pretty comfortable with your habit, then you might look at whether vaping is actually cheaper than smoking as a bit of a reason not to switch. But it isn’t only the fact that vaping is much kinder on the purse strings, it is also 95% safer than smoking tobacco, comes in thousands of flavours and you are able to vape inside in a number of places. Also, it doesn’t make you stink.

Vaping actually is cheaper than smoking.

You will notice a real difference to your bank account when you make the switch. Particually if you are in the habit of smoking 20 a day, or more. Over the year this could cost you £3905, maybe more if you add on the extra you smoke on nights out and on holiday, or if you are smoking a more expensive brand than Marlboro.

So, what are you waiting for?

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