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Can you vape in Singapore?

If you are heading over to Asia on holiday this year then you will want to know where you can and can’t vape on the continent.

One place where you 100% cannot vape is Singapore.

Vaping in Singapore is illegal. Having a device or e-liquid on you, even if you’re not puffing on it, can land you with a huge fine of up to $2000. It is illegal to possess, purchase or use a vape device, e-cigar or e-pipe, in the country.  

You will also be unable to buy vaporisers online and have them shipped to Singapore for your personal use as it too will be illegal. You can face a fine of up to $10k or 6 months in jail. Keep doing it and the fine and jail time doubles.

So if you are thinking that you can vape in Singapore if you stealth vape, then be warned that it is illegal and can get you in trouble if you are caught. Is it worth having your fancy device confiscated and all of your holiday funds spent on fines, then having to buy a new device when you get back home? Might be best left safely at home if you are traveling to Singapore.

Even if you are vaping 0mg it doesn’t matter. Singapore has a total ban. Whether you have 18mg or 0mg in your tank you risking fines and jail time by taking a puff, even in your own home.

If you do decide to take your device to Singapore then you will most likely have it confiscated from airport security, not a good start to your holiday.

The smoking age is set to be raised to 21, from 18 which it currently is. Don’t be tempted to take up smoking again though, just before you go away start weaning yourself off of your vape so you are not missing it so much when you are in Singapore.

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