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Kanger Nebox UK Review – Preorder on sale now

New product review from Vape and Juice UK – The Kanger NEBOX

First came the Egrip from Joyetech and we stood up. A box mod with variable wattage, a concealed protected tank with a 5ml capacity, dressed up to be the stealthiest vape on the market. There has been little else that has come into the market since then, that has offered a perfect all in one unit….. then the Kanger Nebox press release happened.

Do you break your mod by sitting on it? Do you drop your vape and smash the tank all too often? Do you wish you had an egrip with a bit more power?

Kanger have launched their own prodigal child, the Nebox. We have it winging its way to our stores in days and you can pre-order this bad boy now. 


Kanger nebox for sale uk best price vape and juice


Available in 4 colours, this all in one unit shows off the following features:

Features of the Kanger Nebox

  • It looks hot, we mean it looks a thing of beauty. Its the best looking new vape device on the market since the Evic VT and theres a good argument that it peacocks all over it
  • Its an all in one device. The drip tip, the tank, the battery, all packed inside the same housing
  • A delrin drip tip, means high temperature vaping won’t burn your lips ever
  • LED display screen lets you track your adjustments,  battery life etc.
  • Micro USB charge, lets you recharge without a separate 18650 charger system
  • Removable 18650 battery slot, means unlike the egrip, which when the built in battery died it was time for Vape Heaven – this baby can run until you decide to upgrade or quit altogether
  • Temperature control
  • Runs as low as 0.15 ohms
  • Built in RBA deck
  • Did we say it looks the business?

How does this device fare with the TPD regulations?

With it’s protected tank and closed mechanism juice refill access point, the device at first glance appears to tick the TPD requirements for a leakfree, protected tank and refill mechanism. Temperature control one might add ensures a constant regulated hit that avoids the dry hits which is the point where a vapour is inhaling dry cotton over eliquid

Kanger Nebox Review – Our final thoughts

We started this write up to be a review, but we think the feature list above has done that for us. Its the best built in unit on the market now, it ticks so many boxes, whether you are after a temperature control unit, a stealthy vape, great capacity, or something to rebuild on. It has one downside we can see, that’s the single 18650 slot.

It will mean a lower battery life than some other players in the market, but as it has no peers design wise, it’s battery life still makes it better than any others in it’s field. Pair it with a decent vape batteries, such as Samsung, Efest, LG or Sony with an mh (battery life output) on the higher end of the spectrum, (Above 2400) and you are in business.

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