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It’s official – Vaping is 95% safer than analogue cigarettes

It’s official - Vaping is 95% safer than analogue cigarettes

Its been a week since UK Public Health Officials declared that vaping was 95% safer than analogue cigarettes and the response from non vapers coming into our stores has been overwhelming. Some positive words from NGOs and qualified professionals stating that the NHS should provide electronic cigarettes on prescription has likely saved lives this last week and improved the futures of thousands of families. Vape and Juice thought we would take a little time this week to talk about what’s ‘Great’ about Britain and vaping.

The UK stands alone amongst many European nations in having the least onerous view on vaping. Where Portugal are beginning to look at ways of levying high taxation on eliquids, the UK has kept quiet. Vaping is cheaper than smoking and now we hear support from health watchdogs, that reinforce what the vaping community in the UK has thought for so long. By making vaping more attractive financially than smoking, it means the transition to switching remains that bit easier. This really can save lives.

France has banned using electronic cigarettes (ecigs) in public places, just as they have a ban on smoking cigarettes in public spaces. The UK has resisted this. Whats ‘Great’ Britain about that? It retains a major benefit for taking up vaping – standing outside in the cold and wet British Winter with a soggy fag in your hand is not a pleasant experience. We as a vaping community always encourage responsible consideration for others in public places, but a cheeky vape under a table isn’t going to hurt anyone. By not pushing through a public vaping ban without evidence, keeps the UK at the heart of the pro-vaper paradise.

Austria has made ecigs a medicinal only product. This severely restricts the availability and range of products available for consumers and serves to benefit Big Pharma and Big Tobacco only. Both of these components of the ecig industry have little interest in developing affordable more consumer friendly products, and are also known for their socially toxic attitudes toward payment of tax. The result is low quality devices that have a higher failure rate than the advanced high tech devices on the market, and a lack of competition.

Canada have banned imports of ecigs which like Austria’s moves, has a similarly damaging effect. Encouraging smokers to make the switch to vaping, if all other cessation products have failed for them, should be the first action. Then lets get them off of nicotine next.
The usually wild peoples of Denmark, like Austria have prescribed ecigs as medicinal products also.

The USA, the brand leader in producing great ejuices is in the midst of its own prohibition turmoil, such that visitors to vape shops in New York amongst a number of states, cannot vape in the shop. Trying before you buy is integral to consumer satisfaction, bans on vaping indoors put the shutters down on this and hurt the consumer, where purchases are made for items they find they don’t like but cannot return.

Australia, New Zealand and Brazil prohibit the sale of nicotine delivery devices as these are dubbed ‘tobacco imitation’. Widely the most used reason for banning or controlling ecigs and vaping is the line touted by the French Health Minister, Marisol Touraine on discussing their own regulations:
“This is no ordinary product because it encourages mimicking and could promote taking up smoking.”

It is a shame that countries around the world believe they should obstruct millions of people from making a decision of their own free will about the dangers of relative safety of a smoking cessation device, when the growth of the sector shows there is a clear correlation between rising numbers of vapers and falling numbers of smokers. There is no evidence to suggest that the French Health Minister’s ‘Heresay’ is anything more than just his opinion. Just as I might say French all wear stripy jumpers. His statement is as perversely lacking in substance to back it up as mine is. In fact evidence does exist to disprove his statement, evidence does not exist to affirm it. Do they think we are stupid?

The idea that having vaped and saved a bundle of cash, found you can get your nicotine hit via a cherry aniseed, don’t smell, have cleaner teeth – would ever encourage you to pick up a cancer stick is nuts. After all, we know the saying: Once you’ve vaped blackjack, you don’t go back.
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