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UK review of the Sigelei 150W TC box mod for sale

It’s been a long while coming…. rumours have been mongering….. pictures shared….. and not in stock anywhere. Well now the wait is over and those clever folks at Sigelei have weighed anchor and delivered the goods.

The latest beast box from Sigelei has taken on a whole new look from previous versions of the 100watt and 150watt offerings – it also now brings temperature control to the party. This is our UK review of the Sigelei 150w TC box mod.

UK review of the Sigelei 150W TC box mod for sale

Temperature control is sometimes a little misunderstood as to how it works and what its for. When your cotton in your coil begins to dry up the material heats up quicker than normal. By establishing a heating level that is associated with the beginning of a dry hit (See what’s a dry hit for more info on that) the device can cease firing until the temperature comes back down. This is perfect where many have concerns of the dangers of hot firing – it will however work this function when nickel or titanium coils are being used. Kanthal is not heat sensitive in the same way and your device can only be used in normal wattage or mechanical mode in those circumstances. Eg firing Atlantis etc.

The device looks great and while Sigelei have their fans, their finish has sometimes lacked the same high level of contemporary aesthetics as other more premium rivals, such as Pioneer for You or Variant makers. The 150TC removes that blot on their copy book once and for all – the 150 TC looks stunning. Part mini Military walkie talkie, part Glock magazine clip. For looks alone, we think it’s great. But its not just the looks that make it a great device. Pricing on Sigeleis is often better than their market peers and reliability continues to be solid. The future of this device is a lipo battery version as will be the case with all similar mods, but for now we score this a 9/10.

Want to see the Sigelei or buy it?

Check out the Sigelei to buy online in the UK here … or visit our vape ecig shop in Southend, Canterbury, Enfield, Colchester, Clacton or Southchurch.



Temp Control mod VV/VW


Black & Silver

Adjustable Pin

Spring loaded pin

Sub ohm

0.1 ohm-3.0 ohm

Wattage Range


Max current


Temp Control Range

100-300°C / 212-572°F



Gross weight


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