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Cloud Competition Rules



Cloud Competition Rules

Okay ladies and gentlemen, the rules are for everyones safety so please abide by them if you wish to compete.

Here are the rules for the Vape and Juice Cloud Competition – 

Coils can be made on the day but remember we are also tasting juices so table space will be limited.

Mechanical Mods

  • Coil builds must be above 0.2 Ω

Unregulated Box Mods

  • Coil builds must be above 0.2Ω
  • No series wired box mods permitted

Regulated Box Mods

  • No Ω limit (we accept no responsibility for builds under 0.2Ω)
  • Use of a MOSFET does not make a mod regulated

The competition will be judged on distance using our scale all competitors will start from the same position. Each competitor will receive a countdown of  3,2,1 GO! before exhaling. The crowd will decide the winner. Good luck! 

Any questions feel free to give us a shout on 0203 601 6966. 

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