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Crown UWell Tank Review

Hit me with the UWell Crown Tank Review

The UWell Crown tank is fast becoming the most popular sub tank on the market amongst semi rebuildable vapers. It rocks a range of coil heads and as well as being rebuildable, you can take the little one apart and clean it thoroughly. 

UWell is the company behind the design and manufacture and this is their first foray into the market.

Who does it compete with

Right now the UWell is going up against the classic Kanger Subtank, the Melo, Triton 2 and the Arctic among others. These all have rebuildable deck features and a range of ready made coils out of Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium etc. Price wise, partly due to their infancy in the market, the Crown subtank is showing a healthy competitive spirit and is better priced than some of it’s rivals. People love a new glass top and its even better when they are a little cheaper too.

How does it do it

The Crown has the following features:

  • Stainless steel – 
  • Quartz glass window
  • 4ml liquid capacity
  • Click safe adjustable airflow ring with large air flow
  • Thoughtful design and machining on the parts for ease of use and filling
  • Top and bottom filling method
  • Dual coil Ni200 0.15 coil (included)
  • 0.25 and 0.5 Dual 316 Stainless steel coils (included)
  • Organic Japanese cotton wicking material
  • 316 stainless steel coil element (excluding Ni200 heads)
  • 22mm width tank with 510 threaded connector

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The Upside:

The Crown like its peers offers much of the same features. It comes with replacement O rings which is a huge positive, and the quartz glass and solid steel body make it’s build a bit of a pocket saver if you drop it. The price is decent and being fully rebuildable means it can be scrubbed up something decent when you think its’ bath time for your bubba.

The Downside:

Vapour production is at times only ever on par with rivals such as the Arctic and original Kanger Subtank and it doesn’t produce a flavour hit that is anymore impressive either. There is a mixed bag of reviews saying this tank can handle chain vaping at 100Watts plus with no dry hits – some agree some disagree. There is possibly an element of juice type that comes into this debate. Finally the RBA deck is sold separately with many vendors, which means its an extra purchase cost.


crown subtank sub ohm tank uk review for sale



If you want a budget subtank that can keep pace with the Kangers, Aspires and Horizon Arctics of this world, then you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for something to take your sub ohming to the next level, then you may be a bit underwhelmed. (In that case try a dripper) It’s a nice shiny to stick on your mod and won’t let you down.

You can pick up The UWell Crown Sub Ohm tank in one of our vape stores, or order online here >> UWell Crown Sub Ohm 

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