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Snatching Wismec from the jaws of credibility – the DNA of a Joyetech deal

Two weeks ago, a colleague whatsapped us a picture of the Wismec Reuleaux DNA. It was hot, so we went to the effort to give it a mini review, chuck it in our Christmas blog and put in an order for a load. A 20 day wait time due to the scarcity of DNA 200 Evolv chips was par for the course, but we wanted to offer our customer base something that bit extra.

Then ‘Joyetech UK’ happened. vape & Juice best price ejuice eliquid cheap uk vape review vape shop london ecig shop southend southchurch essex epping colchester clacton crouch end enfield green lanes archway

Joyetech spoilt the party and decided the market didn’t want a Porsche 911, no, they wanted a Porsche Boxster. As part of an IP deal, Joyetech UK or Totally Wicked, (or UK Vapour Brands or The Electronic Cigarette Company or……) as others may know them as, have bought the UK trademark rights for the Wismec brand. This means for independant retailers, that you either have to buy it from them in the UK, or source from an EU company in order to abide by trademark distribution law. Buy it from China and you’ll be taking a gamble with their solicitors and breaking the law.

So what?

So what indeed, well they will be bypassing the DNA chip and instead sticking in an iStick chip. This change means the Wismex RX200, is no longer credibly in the Christmas list suggestion blog piece we ran. While we are sure it will be an okay product – its not DNA.

DNA 200 Evolv devices are mustard and this bit of corporate lovemaking has deprived the marketplace of a great looking DNA mod, to allow for a mass produced and perceivably inferior device. Not cool guys.

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