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Can I vape after exercise

can i vape after exerciseYou’re on the fit and healthy bandwagon. You’ve joined a gym and you’ve quit the fags. You might even be eating kale…

Post workout and you’ve got a green smoothie in one hand, vape in the other, and you’re thinking, ‘Can I vape after exercise?”

There is no scientific research out there at the moment about the safety of whether you can vape after exercise. Best thing to do is listen to your body. If you have just done an intense cycling class or been on a long run then inhaling something that isn’t pure Oxygen probably isn’t the best idea. It might make you feel a little sick and or dizzy.  

If you have taken part in some serious calorie burning activities then you will no doubt be a little peckish as your body has depleted its carbs. Some people find that nicotine on a empty stomach can make them feel a little nauseous. In which case it might be best to leave the vape for an hour or two after you have cooled down, eaten something and taken a shower.

If you have had a negative experience and know that the answer to “can I vape after exercise” is a big no, then leave your vape at home or in the boot of your car. Sometimes it is easy to forget and you quickly find yourself reaching for your device.

There is nothing scientific that suggests you shouldn’t vape after exercise, you just need to be sure that you consider how it is making you feel. If you are feeling unwell in any way then take a seat, put the vape down and drink some water. Enjoy taking deep lungfuls of oxygen into your system. You can get back to your Jack the Dripper ejuice in the next hour when you are feeling a little more human.

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