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What is the best cheap ejuice?

You can pick up a cheap ejuice at supermarkets, discount stores and even pound shops here in the UK, though these aren’t going to be the best quality. You may think you are getting a bargain but when you have a sore tongue, quickly burnt coil or a horrible flavour in your mouth, then you will know that you didn’t pick up the best cheap ejuice.

At Vape and Juice we sell vape juices from budget to high end, but even our budget liquids are some of the best cheap e liquids around. Our prices range from £4 a juice, right through to £31.99 (or grab a deal with some of our 3 for £10 offers). The lower end price range features some of our best selling, great tasting liquids, that have the added bonus of being cheap too!

Our own brand with all the basic and firm favourite flavours, such as B&Lare our best cheap ejuices. Our mission with our basics line is to provide great flavours, and good prices. Perfect for your every day vape! The VG and PG we use in their ejuices is 100% Pharmaceutical grade, and the nicotine is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade also. All of the ingredients in our products are safe for human consumption and are 100% natural.

Our own brand comes in a number of different flavours too. The choice of flavour is just another reason why it is one of the best cheap ejuices. You can find your traditional tobacco, tasty apple, sweet strawberry, Cola, energy drink, black cherry, tutti frutti and many more. Find more of the best cheap ejuices here.

When you are searching the internet for the best cheap ejuice make sure you read the reviews of the ejuice you are buying. Buy a disgusting ejuice just because it is cheap and you’ll only end up spending more to replace it (or worse, smoking!), and maybe even finding yourself having to replace the coil too. Good quality, cheap ejuice does exist, as with our basics line, so read reviews and find a bargain that is right for you.

Also check on our website and in store for sales and deals. We often run a sale and we always have deals on ejuices such as 3 for £10. This makes some of the best ejuices cheap to buy.

Visit our online store here. Or see our shop locations where you can chat to staff about the best cheap ejuices, try them for yourself and decide whether they’re right for you.

Some other juices we have which are great for starters or those experimenting with flavour include: 

Pink Label £5 each or 3 for £12.50

Proseco, elderflower, pink lemonade and porn star martini

Jack the Dripper £5 each of 3 for £10



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