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Best dessert based high VG eliquid

best dessert flavoured ejuice

If you are into sweet flavours, cloud chasing and a smooth throat hit then you will be looking for the best dessert based high VG eliquid on the market.

At Vape and Juice we try and test all of the eliquids we stock to make sure that they are the best of the best. Whether you’re looking for high VG dessert based juice, or something fruity, minty or just good old tobacco, then you can guarantee it is going to be quality when you buy from us.

We have a number of top dessert based high VG eliquids that are really popular with vapers who enjoy a smooth throat hit and dense clouds.

One that flies of the shelves is Baklava by VGOD EJuice. For those who are mad enough not to know what the delicious mediterranean treat of Baklava consists of filo pastry, crunchy nuts and sweet honey. The vape juice delivers just that flavour, and it is amazing. The mix is 70/30, giving you a decent cloud flow. You can buy one of our best selling high VG dessert based eliquids here.

Pancakes make a great breakfast, dessert and especially vape flavour. Pancake Man Deluxe is one of our favourite high VG eliquids. It’s not just your basic pancakes though, it has a twist of marshmallow, vanilla ice cream and fruit pebbles. One of the best all day vapes for people who like dessert flavour and a high VG content.

Sherlock Ohms have just released their forth flavour, and in no way did it disappoint! The range is 50ml in a 60ml bottle, as its 0mg, so up to you if you want to add a nic shot or not. The whole range is dessert based elqiuid and with classy and well branded packaging it makes a great vape gift idea!

Another of the best dessert based high VG eliquids has to be Grinnys Nut Custard. This all day vape is delicious french vanilla custard, with sweet and silky peanut butter. This vape juice is 70%VG, meaning that you’ll get a sweet a smooth vape with a decent cloud.

If you are looking for the best dessert based eliquids with a high VG content, then head over to our shop to see what flavours would get your mouth watering.

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