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Is CBD flower legal?


Is CBD flower legal

Can I stick CBD flower in my pipe and smoke it?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid which is found in the cannabis plant. It has been used for thousands of years as an alternative therapy to help with a number of different conditions and ailments. However, recently it has become much more mainstream with it even being sold on the high street.

There are many ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD, one of which is CBD flower. This looks a lot like the cannabis plant, which may lead you to wonder, is CBD flower legal? 

CBD flower’s legal status

In many countries, CBD flower is legal to buy, sell and possess. In other countries, such as the UK, it is not. It is a bit of a grey area as CBD itself is legal. This is because it doesn’t contain THC above the legal limit of 0.2%. While the flower is CBD, it is not processed and is seen as raw plant matter. 

Cannabis is a class B drug and while some products are exempt under MoDA 1971, raw and unprocessed cannabis flowers are not. 

How do you use cannabis flowers?

is cannabis flower legal

To use cannabis flowers you grind them up and place them in a dry herb vaporiser. Another way is to roll it in thin papers and smoke them or to buy pre-rolls. The effects of inhaling CBD flower or e-liquid is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the cannabinoid. This is because it enters the bloodstream quickly through the tiny capillaries in the lungs. 

You can also bake with CBD flowers. Top already vaped bud on warm and gooey chocolate brownies for a delicious treat. 

Where can I buy CBD flowers?

Our sister site, CBDStar, stocks CBD flowers. However, they check the location of where the order is going to before processing and sending. So if CBD flowers are not legal in your country then they will not be able to send them. 

What if I’m in the UK?

If you are in the UK then sadly CBD flowers are not legal and won’t be for sale for you. However, there are some great legal alternatives. You might consider full-spectrum CBD vape juice, which contains terpenes and flavonoids.

Greenhouse and Dutchie Originals are CBD vape brand which mirrors the actual extraction flavour. This provides an authentic flavour that you will love. For example, Dutchie Originals Purple Haze has terpenoids from the Purple Haze Plant. 

Not only that, but both of these CBD e-liquids contain terpenes which have been extracted. Terpenes work in synergy with CBD and have their own benefits. Combined, this has the entourage effect. 

CBD flower legal Purple Haze

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Can I vape CBD in my JUUL?

If you have a JUUL kit then you can vape CBD e-liquid in it. All you need to do is buy some compatible, unofficial CBD JUUL kit pods. You can buy these from Vape and Juice in a variety of different authentic flavours, such as Blue Cheese.

Check out CBD JUUL compatible pods >>

JUUL CBD Pods compatible CBD flower legal

Is CBD flower legal in my country?

You need to do a little research into where CBD flower is and isn’t legal before you try and buy it. Just type “Is CBD flower legal in…” Make sure you read an up to date post as laws change!


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