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Best RY4 Vape Juice

The Best RY4 E-Liquid

TLDR – We are geeks for a few classic vape flavours, but none more so than the class of its own RY4 e-liquid. Some of you won’t have heard of it, some of you will be addicts like us. In this guide, we are going to dive deep into what’s the best RY4 style brands are and who has the best RY4 E-liquid right now.

What is RY4?

When searching for new e liquids to try you have probably come across the term, RY4 and wondered what is RY4 and is it the liquid for me. 

RY4 is a term for an e-liquid blend of tobacco, caramel and vanilla that has been around since the day dot of vaping. It is a popular flavour for people who are transitioning away from cigarettes and onto vaping as the tobacco flavour draws them in and then the caramel and vanilla notes give a sweet finish. 

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Why is it called RY4?

RY4 was created in a Dekang factory in China. The mixologists created a flavour that they liked and called it Ruyan 4, which has been abbreviated to what we know it as today, RY4. 

Does RY4 have tobacco?

As someone who is quitting smoking, you might like the idea of having a flavour that replicates closer to the taste of cigarettes. RY4 doesn’t contain tobacco, however, it does have the flavour of tobacco. This is blended with vanilla and caramel flavourings along with VG (vegetable glycerin), PG and nicotine (if required).

Tobacco flavours exist in e-liquid, but you will not find an e juice that actually contains tobacco. 

Who invented RY4?

Ludo Timmermans invented RY4 while he was working as a mixing chemist with Dekang. The unabbreviated name of Ruyan was inspired by the company that created the first commercial cig-a-like product. The inventor of this flavour, Ludo Timmermans, tried 4 formulas before he got to the finished blend, hence the name RY4. 

What is the best RY4 high VG?

Usually you might not find such a range of tobacco flavours in high VG cloud flavours. This is because those who are usually after tobacco are using high nicotine e liquids in starter kits. However, you can get the best RY4 high VG when you shop around. 

Baccy Roots – Shanghai

Baccy Roots Shanghi
Shanghi Baccy Roots high VG RY4

Baccy Roots, Shanghai  is a blend of RY4, which is of course tobacco, vanilla and caramel. This high VG juice is going to be smooth on the throat and be best suited to your cloudy kits and sub ohm vapes. 

What is the best RY4 50/50?

50/50 RY4 is a popular choice for newly ex smokers. High PG, 50/50 juice will give you a much craved throat hit and a discreet vape. 

Vape and Juice – RY4

Best RY4 Vape Juice
RY4 ejuice by Vape and Juice

RY4 from Vape and Juice is a sweet blend of tobacco, caramel and vanilla. It comes in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg and best suits your starter kits and pods. 

Diamond Mist – RY4

RY4 Diamond Mist
RY4 eliquid by Diamond Mist

Diamond Mist are well known for their high PG starter liquids. They also have their own take on the RY4 classic. 

What is the best Prefilled RY4 pod?

Closed pod systems might be the option for you if you are looking for something super simple with minimal thrills. Closed systems will mean you have to buy refill pods, rather than top the liquid up yourself. 

MYLE Sweet Tobacco

Myle RY4 pod
RY4 Pod by MYLE

MYLE have created a Sweet Tobacco flavour that is a great balance of tobacco with sweet notes. It is a traditional flavour, aimed at people looking for something out of the box and ready to go. 

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What is the cheapest RY4?

Tobacco flavours in high PG often have deals. You don’t have to look too far to find an offer to make fairly reasonably priced liquids cheaper. 

It has to be said though, that while you might find some super cheap RY4 liquid, always make sure you read the reviews.

While RY4 is a common flavour, there will be different ratios of caramel, tobacco and vanilla notes, some of which might be deliciously balanced and others not so. If you buy too cheap you might find that the liquid is not of great quality too. 


DIY RY4 makes for a great base if you are looking to create your own liquids. You could add spicer tobacco, something creamy, sweet or even with chocolatey flavours to create something truly unique and to your tastes.  

Who has the best RY4?

While we are chatting about buying quality, let us share with you a list of the best RY4 out on the market at the moment

  1. Baccy Roots – Shanghai
  2. Grinny Heaths – Slinging a Benson Down Liverpool Street
  3. Freeman EJuice – TrailBlazer
  4. OMG RY4
  5. Vape and Juice – RY4

Outro: Where can I get the best RY4 E Liquid?

RY4 is a caramel, tobacco and vanilla blend. You might find that while the flavour has the same name as others, the flavour can differ slightly. This would be because of companies mixing different notes and volume of the different flavours. 

Remember, if you can’t find an RY4 that hits the spot, think about creating your own DIY RY4 where you can add other flavours to create the perfect blend.

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