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What you need for Stoptober and how to start vaping

Quit smoking how to start vaping Stoptober

Habits are tough to get out of however big or small they might be. Breaking a habit like smoking is seriously hard, and you might have tried and failed in the past. We get asked a lot how to start vaping and none more so than during Stoptober. But don’t worry. This year is your year to quit smoking, start vaping, and to make you feel healthier and smell a whole lot better!

Lots of people choose to quit in October, and in January too. A great reason to join in the ‘Stoptober’ bandwagon is that you will have fellow smokers who are also trying to quit there to support you. 

If you plan on quitting the cigs and picking up the vape, then there are a few of our top tips and what you need to prepare. So here’s how to start vaping.

  • Buy enough juice

Don’t just buy the one juice when you start, stock up with 3 or 4 and reorder when you have one left. Get into this habit as then you won’t find yourself out of juice and scrounging a cig off of your mate.

  • Get your friends involved

Support when you are breaking a habit, or starting to make a new one is crucial. You need people around you who understand why you are quitting and maybe even want to quit smoking themselves. This way they won’t tempt you with ciggies on nights out, or make comments that are less than supportive with your quit smoking mission.

  • Get a spare battery

Just like you need the extra juices, you need a spare battery. Even if it is just a bog standard vape pen as a back up. It will be better to have that in your car than a back up rollie and a lighter.

  • Try everything in store

When you first buy your device and e-juice ask for advice from the team. They’ll be able to tell you what strength you need, what PG:VG ratio will work for you and which device is going to suit your lifestyle and needs. Try devices and give some different juices a go before you commit.

  • Get your kit ready for the 1st

Last thing you want is to be scrabbling about on the 1st of October looking for a vape shop, or waiting for your online order to be delivered. You might find that you end up reaching for just one last fag… Make sure you are all set and good to go before the day you are actually going to quit smoking.

  • Don’t beat yourself up

If you go out for a few drinks and forget that you quit smoking and wake up with a raspy throat and stinky clothes from chaining it, don’t worry! Just pick up from where you left off, it isn’t the end of the world and throwing in the towel all together isn’t going to help you to finally quit smoking.

Hopefully this little post has given you a better understanding of how to start vaping and what to know for Stoptober.

If you want to start vaping now, then why not check out our range of starter vape kits here.

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