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Vaping in Dubai

Are you heading over to the bright lights of Dubai to enjoy a new job and the ex-pat lifestyle? Or are you off on holiday to see the sites? If you’re a vaper then you’ll want to know whether you will be able to take your trusty device and vape in Dubai without getting into trouble.

First of all, if you plan on vaping in Dubai, then you will want to be sure to pack your device and your juices in your suitcase and not your carry on. Any devices you have in your carry on may be taken off of you at the airport. You’ll just have to hold out for that post flight vape a little longer until you get your case back and are comfortably in your hotel or apartment.

While vaping is illegal in the UAE, the population of vapers is growing, with people having vape juice imported into Dubai. A UAE senior official from the Ministry of Health has said the illegal availability of e-cigarettes prevents the country’s anti-tobacco efforts. Yet, people are still enjoying a vape over there.

When you head over to the country you need to remember that you will not be able to purchase any vape juices, devices or coils, so you will need to stock up before you head off.  You might pop in to Vape and Juice and take advantage of our deals and special offers to fill your case ready for your trip to Dubai.

When you are in Dubai, be vigilant of where you are vaping. Don’t just whip it out in the street and start puffing like you might when you are in London. You’ll probably be restricted to vaping inside and out of the view of others, so a stealth vape device is ideal. You don’t want to be performing tricks and filling the room or street with clouds- That’s one way sure way to draw attention to you and your vape!

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