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What is TPD and what does it mean for me?

What is TPD and what does it mean for me?

It has been more than a year since the new laws on vaping came out, however it still crops up in the news and we are still asked “What is TPD and what does it mean for me?”

TPD, Tobacco Products Directive, is an EU tobacco regulation which now includes e-cigarettes and vape devices. In 2017 the regulations came into full force, disallowing certain size tanks, high strength nicotine juices and more.

Here is what TPD is doing to the world of vaping:

  1. Vape tank capacity on sale must not exceed 2ml
  2. E Liquid strength of nicotine to not exceed 20mg
  3. All nicotine containing e liquids must be tested by a toxicology and emissions testing centre and approved for sale by the MHRA. A government body that oversees health products. This regulated e liquids for the first time.
  4. E Liquid bottles must not exceed 10 ml if they contain nicotine.
  5. Vitamins, colourings and additives in e-liquids will no longer be allowed in e-juice, including taurine and caffeine. This means that you might find some of your favourite juices containing these are off the shelf.

This means that due to TPD compliance, we can only sell vape juice with a content of 18mg nicotine as a maximum. Our larger e-juice bottles which contained nicotine are also off the shelves. Most of our brands offer a pack of 3, so you can still buy 30ml but they will be in smaller bottles to adhere to the TPD rules.

You are able to purchase larger bottles of vape juice (30ml) however these are zero nicotine, which you can add your own nic shots to benefit from cost savings and reduce packaging.

TPD also now requires that vape juice is tested, which we believe is very important. This ensures that you, the vaper, gets quality, safe e-liquids to vape. So while we didn’t particularly like some of the rules from TPD, like the fact that you can’t have a tank bigger than 2ml and are forever refilling your tank, at least this is a positive!

If you are still unsure what TPD is and are worried what it means for you, then click here to read more  on our blog “New Rules and Regulations for Vaping in the UK”.

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