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Vaping in South Africa

Everything you need to know

Becky Spencer-Davies 

If you are off to Cape Town or Hermanus this year then you will want to know about vaping in South Africa. Thing is, if you get caught vaping where you aren’t allowed then it can really mess your holiday up. You might end up with a fine, or in some countries, a prison sentence. Make sure, whether you are travelling to South Africa, or anywhere else, that you know the vaping laws.

Is vaping in South Africa legal?

Vaping is legal in South Africa. However, there are restrictions on where you can vape. These restrictions came into force in March 2019. They disallow you from vaping anywhere smoking is banned. This includes restaurants, public transport and cinemas. It is also an offence to vape in the car with a person who is under 16 years of age.  

Will I be able to buy vape products in South Africa?

In some locations, such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, there are a few vape shops. However, if you are heading to a quiet holiday destination then chances are there will not be a vape shop near you. To save yourself trekking around looking for another e-juice or fresh coil, make sure you stock up before you go. 

Tips for vaping in South Africa 

Ask before you vape

The best thing to do when you are unsure about whether you can vape somewhere, is to ask. If the law in the location is no smoking then remember it also means no vaping. If you are not sure and there is no one to ask, hold off.

Stock up on kit

Chances are you won’t be near to a vape shop if you are at a holiday destination. We suggest that you pack spare coils, extra juice as you vape more when you’re away, a charger, spare tank and maybe even a small kit. The small kit, such as Lost Vape Orion Q Kit, fits well in your pocket or purse for when you are out in the evening.

Keep your device out the sun

If you vape by the pool then make sure you keep your kit in the shade. It might even be an idea to keep it in the room if it is really hot. Otherwise, your device can overheat and break. Not what you want when you are vaping in South Africa.

Travel correctly with your vape
Make sure that your e-liquids and kit is stored in your hand luggage, with liquids in a clear plastic bag. We suggest that you travel with the tank empty to avoid leaks, however keep the battery topped up as you may need to demonstrate if asked. Remember, you cannot vape on any plane. Don't take the risk of stealth vaping either!

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Make sure you stock up on coils before you go!

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