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Does Vaping Does vaping Weaken your Immune System

Everything you need to know

Becky Spencer-Davies 

You might have read an article on the BBC website “Vaping 'can damage vital immune system cells'" and found yourself alarmed. At Vape and Juice we keep up to date with research both for and against e-cigarettes so we can keep our customers informed. In this blog, we will share some information into the study and share thoughts. This way you can make your own mind up.

The study on vaping and your immune system

The small study took place at the University of Birmingham, led by Professor David Thickett. The research involved a mechanical procedure which mimicked the act of vaping. They used lung tissue samples from 8 non-smokers.

The study found that vapor inflamed the alveolar macrophages cells. These cells remove dust, allergens and bacteria which could harm the body. The experiment was conducted in laboratory conditions, not in humans. This is a factor to consider when thinking about the experiment.  

Is vaping worth the risk of a weakened immune system?

The thing you need to consider when you read studies such as this one is how many real life humans you have seen become ill due to smoking cigarettes. This could be your family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague. You might know someone who died from lung cancer or another smoking related illness.
It is worth weighing up the risk. If your alternative is to smoke cigarettes and inhale toxins and known cancer causing chemicals then vaping is still safer. Despite this research, Public Health England still say that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Research into vaping

Research into vaping and a weakened immune system and other risks are still in their infancy. However, as it stands, it is safer than smoking and a good way to give up the cigs

Should I worry about vaping and a weakened immune system?

We suggest that if you are really concerned about the risk of vaping then you should cut down your nicotine level gradually. Once you are down to 0mg you can quit vaping too as you will no longer crave the nicotine.

Read the BBC article here.

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