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Vaping is growing – 5 facts and stats

Vaping is growing - 5 facts and stats

The BBC have recently published an article which features a study on Vaping. This study shows various habits of vapers, from why they start, to how they shop and the projected rise of vaping in the coming years.

Here are 5 findings from the statistics of the World Health Organisation on Vaping.

Vaping is growing in popularity

Remember back in the day of those cigarette style devices and people would say that vaping is a fad, it will pass. Bring forward to 2018, with new mouth watering flavours, fantastic devices to suit your needs, it is 100% not a fad that many thought it was. The number of vapers has risen from 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. By 2020 this is set to reach 55 million.

People spend an increasing amount of money on e-cigarettes

The global vapour products market is worth an estimated £17.1bn, which is up from $4.2bn five years ago. The UK, Japan and the USA have the biggest market. Combined across these 3 countries vapers spent $16.3bn of vaping products in the year 2016.  

Open system vape devices are most popular

These are the devices which you refill yourself, rather than the ones which you buy cartridges for. This is more cost effective so it is no wonder that it is the most popular style of device. Vapers are estimated to spend $8.9bn on these open system devices in 2018.

Most Vapers shop in store

Specialist shops, such as Vape and Juice, which sell primarily vape products are the most popular place for vapers to shop. In store you are able to try products, feel the weight of them and get some face to face advice. We know that vapers also shop online, which came second on the list for places vapers shop.  

People vape because it is less harmful

The study by Ernst & Young found that the most common reasons for using vape devices included: less harmful than smoking, helps cut down smoking, doesn’t bother other people. Other reasons included: available in different flavours and fewer places ban smoking.

If you are looking to join the vaping community, but don’t have a specialist store near by, head over to our online shop and speak to one of our advisors in the chat window. They’ll be able to answer all your questions, just as if you were face to face in store.

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