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Why do people vape?

Why do people vape

Why do people vape? Well, there are a number of reasons that drive people to choose a vape device over smoking cigarettes, and it isn’t only for the fact that it is said to be 95% safer than smoking tobacco.

The majority of vapers have picked up the e-cig to curb their smoking habit, in fact according to a study by Ernst & Young it was found that 49% of vapers vaped to stop smoking.

If the health aspect wasn’t reason enough, here are a few more reasons to answer the question ‘why do people vape.’

  • It doesn’t bother other people

Smoking cigarettes is pretty antisocial. Remember the days of going out when you could still smoking in pubs, and waking up the next morning stinking of stale smoke. You may have even had a bit of a headache from being exposed to clouds of tobacco smoke. While vaping huge clouds can bother other people, they’re not going to wake up the next morning complaining of a stale smell. If someone is vaping close by you then you might get a whiff of whatever they have in their tank but it isn’t going to offend like cigarettes do.

  • Available in different flavours

One of the reasons why people vape is because of the wide choice available to them. You can get basically every flavour imaginable, from sweets to desserts, fruits and drinks. You will also find unique blends that really get your taste buds tingling- tell me, does a Marlboro Light do that?

  • Less harmful than smoking tobacco

While vaping doesn’t provide health benefits, it certainly is much healthier than smoking tobacco. In fact a study found that it is 95% safer. Doctors also back this theory and encourage patients to try to quit using vape devices.

  • It has a culture

Some people vape as it becomes a bit of a hobby. There is a real culture around vaping, especially if you get in to rebuildables. At Vape and Juice we have vape nights where we invite our customers to come over for an evening of drinks, vape tasters and games. This way we can create a culture of like minded people. Message us to find out when our next vape night will be.

Why do you vape? Is it for health reasons? has helped you to quit smoking?

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