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Vaping Cancer Risk?

What are the risks with vaping?

Becky Spencer-Davies 

Vaping has helped millions of people give up smoking tobacco. People are making the switch to vape devices to improve their health and reduce their dependence on nicotine. However, others are still worried that vaping poses its own cancer risk. In this blog, we are going to tell you what we know about the risk, the real risk of smoking and how to quit. 

Should I worry about vaping cancer risk?

E-cigarettes have been found far less harmful than smoking tobacco. They are a great way to quit using tobacco as they mimic the act of smoking and still provide nicotine. 

E-juice can contain nicotine, while this is addictive, it isn’t what causes cancer. The issue with smoking is the tobacco which contains harmful chemicals when burned. However, Cancer Research writes that the long term impact of vaping is not known. Currently, there have been no known cases of cancer related to vaping. 

Should I start vaping even though we don’t know the cancer risk?

If you are currently smoking and worried about cancer then you should most definitely stop. Each year between 2009 and 2013, about 660,000 people in the U.S. were diagnosed with, and about 343,000 people died from, cancer-related to tobacco use. Those stats really prove the risk of smoking tobacco.

Vaping’s cancer risk is unknown for a few reasons, one being that it is a new industry and vapers tend to be under 35 years old. Another reason is that vapers are most likely ex-smokers. So it will be hard to tell whether issues came from smoking or vaping.

Despite the unknown cancer risk, Public Health England has still declared vaping 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

How do I quit vaping?

You quit vaping over time by gradually reducing your nicotine intake. When you buy e-juice you will notice it contains between 18mg and 0mg. Over the course of a few months or however long you need, you can start to reduce your intake. Eventually, you will be at 0mg and shouldn’t feel nicotine cravings. You don't have to vape forever remember.

How should I quit smoking if I’m worried about vaping?

If you are really worried about vaping cancer risk then try nicotine patches or another nicotine replacement therapy. These have been successful over the years, however, unlike vaping, they don’t allow you to keep the habit and act of smoking that will be ingrained if you’ve been a long term smoker.

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