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Where do you buy JUUL Pods in Israel

Should you consider refillable pods?

Becky Spencer-Davies 

JUUL is one of the small pods making a big noise in the industry. People are loving the simple devices which are discrete and portable for everyday vaping or taking on a night out. Not only that, these devices can be used with nic salts for a higher nicotine level. As well as CBD and regular nicotine e-juice. If you are really set on having a JUUL you will want to know where to buy JUUL pods in Israel.  

JUUL pods in Israel

You can buy JUUL pods directly from the website of the brand. However, using branded JUUL pods will limit you to certain flavours. They are also non-refillable, so you’ll be spending more money than you really need to. Instead, you may choose to use refillable JUUL pods. These will allow you to:

 - Experience a wide range of e-juice flavours 
 - Reuse the same pod, limiting your single-use plastic 
 - Save money by refilling the same pod from a large bottle of e-juice rather than throwing it away
 - Select the right nicotine strength for you, from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg

Why use a pod kit?

A pod kit is a smaller device. They usually sit well in the hand, fit perfectly in the purse or pocket and don’t produce too much vapour. This is ideal if you are vaping in the open or on a lunch break at work where the huge cloud isn’t necessary and maybe not welcomed. These discrete kits pack a punch though. They are great if you want to get a strong hit of nicotine salts without too much puffing. 

Pod kits might be your only device, or they might be your second one for nights out or days at work. Some of the pod devices can last up to 350 puffs without a charge. If you aren’t set on having a JUUL then you might look at Lost Vape Lyra which has a 1000mAh battery. 

Are JUUL pods in Israel legal?

JUUL is banned in Israel, due to the high nicotine strength. A regulation has been passed to make the limit of nicotine e-juice 20mg. While JUUL may be banned as a brand, you can still buy refillable pods which you can add your own e-juice too. This will allow you to select a legal nicotine level and a fancy flavour too.  

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