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How to steep e juice quickly

How to steep e juice quickly

Steeping e juice is a method that vapers use to improve the flavour of a liquid, just like you would let a fine wine develop over time to get a better taste.

Steeping e-liquid can involve exposure to air, heat or just giving it a good shake. Most steeping techniques take a little time, so if you’re caught short on time, you might want to consider a few of these ways for how to steep e-juice quickly.

Before I send you off to try these quick steeping methods, remember the material of your e-juice bottle. Most of the methods involve heat so if your juice is in a plastic bottle then you might want to avoid the ones that might risk melting it! If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a hoard of glass bottles in your vape kit which you can transfer your plastic bottle juice into for the methods involving heat.

Hot Rice

Good old fashioned rice, it can dry out wet phones and help steep juices quickly! For this method you will need a microwave, a microwaveable bowl and dry rice to fill the bowl up.

Firstly, fill up the bowl with rice grains and warm it up in the microwave so that it is hot. Bury your e-juice bottles in the rice so it can get nice and warm. Once the rice has cooled taste the juice, if it isn’t quite where it needs to be, repeat the process until it is.

Hot Tap

For this method you will need a plastic bag and a cup. First off, turn on the hot tap until it is hot but if your bottle is plastic then don’t let it get skin burning hot! Put your juice in the waterproof bag and place in a cup of hot tap water. Keep tasting until your flavour is spot on.

Hot Car

If you’re looking at how to steep e-juice quickly and it is a hot day, then you’re in luck. Place your e-juice in the glove compartment of your car and leave for a few hours. It is the steeping method that requires the least effort!

Hot laptop

Have you ever noticed the hot air blowing out of your laptop fan? Try placing your e-liquid bottles right next to the fan if you can, just be careful not to spill any liquid on your laptop.

What are you methods for steeping e-juice quickly? Do you have any tried and testing tricks?

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