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How to cure vapers tongue

Have you got it and how to cure vapers tongue

Have you ever been vaping your favourite flavour only to find that it tastes of nothing and your tongue actually feels a little sore and even quite numb? Well you may be showing the first symptoms of vapers tongue.

Firstly, don’t worry! While it is not pleasant, this is not a permanent thing, you just have a case of what you are currently finding out is vaper’s tongue, something which can be cured. And is certainly not going to end your love affair with Ghetto Juice eliquid naughty juices, or whatever else is your favourite vape juice.

What is vaper’s tongue?

how to cure vapers tongue from a loss of taste when vaping

Vaper’s tongue will feel like you can’t taste the flavour of the vape juice, or the flavour is seriously diminished. It happens to most vapers at some point and can last from one to three days, however there are some ways to speed up the process

How to cure vaper’s tongue

There have been numerous remedies to help speed up the return of your taste buds. Here are a few things to try in order to cure vapers tongue quickly.

     1. Mix it up

Okay, I know it can be hard to move away from your favorite flavour and switch over to something completely different, however this can help cure vaper’s tongue! You never know, it might even open your eyes to a whole new set of flavours. Try going for something stronger in taste too.

  1. Suck a lemon

This can help to reset your taste buds. If this is too sour for you then try smelling fresh coffee beans, a technique used by wine tasters and perfumers to help reset the sense of taste.

  1. Drink water

Water will clear the palette and rehydrate you, two things which you need to keep your eye on if you are a regular vaper.

  1. Give it time to heel

I know it is frustrating and you’re reading this blog thinking “I just want a cure for vaper’s tongue, fast!” however, sometimes all your body needs is a little time to rest and reset. Be patient.

  1. Knock dual vaping on the head

If you smoke and vape, then try quitting the ciggies for a week to see if it makes a difference. This might even push you to take that final step to being a full time non smoker!

  1. Lay off the vape… for a few days

Take a day or two off the vape. Bet you’re not so keen on this one of the ways to cure vaper’s tongue, however think of how good the flavour will be when you reunite!

Ever had vaper’s tongue? How have you cured the problem?

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