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How do I turn off my vape device and other questions

How to turn off vape device

Things you need to know about your kit

Whether you brought online or in-store, you might have missed the instructions. There’s a lot to take in, then there is also the excitement of getting a brand new device. In this blog, we are going to answer a few questions, such as how do I turn off my vape device.

How do I turn off my vape device?

how do i turn off my kit

It is important to turn off your vape device when you are not using it. Otherwise, it might go off in your pocket or handbag. This constant and prolonged firing can cause your coil to burn out and e-juice to be wasted. 

To turn your vape device off, you will need to click the power button 5x. If you don’t have a fire button, for example, if you have a draw activated device, then you will not need to worry about it accidentally turning it on as it only comes on when you take a draw. 

How do I charge my vape device?

how do i charge my device

After how do I turn my vape device off, this is the next question we are often asked. The way in which you charge your vape may vary from kit to kit. However, the majority of them are charged via micro USB port on the device. Have a look for a small hole where the micro USB will fit. 

Make sure that you only charge the device using the micro USB you were given with the kit. Do not use a mobile phone or tablet charger as this may be too powerful for the battery and can be dangerous.

What vape juice should I use in my vape device?

which eliquid in my vape device

You may have noticed that there are two types of vape e-liquid, high PG and high VG. This relates to the percentage of PG and VG used to make up the juice. VG is thicker than PG and isn’t suitable for all devices. 

When to use high PG:

  • As a new vaper as it provides a more intense throat hit
  • In a starter kit 
  • To have higher nicotine levels 

When to use high VG:

  • If you use a sub-ohm coil (What is Sub Ohm? read our blog)
  • If you have a big device or more advanced kit
  • For creating clouds in your larger device 

Generally, if you have a pod or small starter kit, then you need a high PG e-liquid. However, some pod kits such as the RPM40 are ok to use with high VG. 

How do I turn off my vape device and other things to know

If you still need more help with how to turn off your vape device or anything else, then head over to one of our stores.

If you aren’t local and order online then you can chat with us using our chat feature – we are real people and not bots! 

We also have heaps of great info on our Youtube channel and blog if you are still stuck.  

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