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Which electronic cigarettes (ecigs) are owned by big tobacco companies?

We are often asked at our Vape shops in Essex, Kent and London, whether we stock cig-alikes such as Vype, or Intellicigs/SkyCigs. Our answer is a resolute NO and this is why.

For too many decades, our customers have spent fortunes to big tobacco companies. Electronic cigarettes offer them a way out of smoking tobacco and preventing those big tobacco firms to benefit from this revolution in the marketplace. Seeing the growing trend in uptake of former cigarette smokers converting to vaping, has encouraged the tobacco firms such as Phillip Morris International and BAT to invest heavily in cig-alike products to ensure the shareholders continue to benefit. Vape and Juice began operations as a business that favoured this disruptive technology, not one that wanted to further the status quo. Smaller operators are more likely to pay more domestic taxes pro-rata, than international ones with complex tax structures. While we are not suggesting that all big tobacco firms operate tax schemes, it has been widely reported in the mainstream media for a number of years, this activity does take place. It is to this end that you won’t find a cig-alike in store.

Cig-alikes represent a mirror image of a negative product, they are neither subtle nor able to match the innovations for pace that modern personal vaporisers currently are showing. Vape kits from brands such as Smok UK and Aspire are entirely universal. A juice from one shop can be used with a device from another. Cig-alike cartridges are not universal, a Vype cartridge can’t operate with a Nicolite; which means a user who is out of nicotine in an area where their required cartridges are not on sale, is left up the creek without a paddle. Buy a new device or back to the cigarettes. This makes consumers slaves to the big companies and that is not what the vaping industry is all about. 

These tobacco companies are investing in electronic cigarettes:

  • BAT – British American Tobacco – Vype
  • Lorillard – BluCigs, NJOY and SkyCigs
  • Japan Tobacco International – E-Lites
  • Imperial tobacco – Blu-Cigs
  • Philip Morris International – Nicolites
  • RJ Reynolds – Vuse

Vape and Juice stocks a wide variety of superior technology devices at a range of budget levels, at our vape shops in North London, Enfield; Canterbury, Kent; and Clacton and Southend, Essex. Come down and check them out, try our range of best tasting tobacco vape juice and see why we only stock refillables and not cig-alikes or big tobacco products.

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