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They came, they built, they chased the clouds!


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On the evening of the 2nd February 2015, Vape and Juice UK delivered their first in a series of coil build workshops, aimed at providing tuition to local Vapers, interested in learning how to rebuild their own atomisers. Aptly named 'Drip Night’ this was a free event hosted at Vape on the Green, our Vape Shop in North London. It’s fair to say that the evening was a great success and went off with a humungous cloud of vapour. 

Ten lads, some good food and a few beers to wash it down with, we started from the bottom and now we’re here! And by here we mean building our own coils and vaping them! Thanks to the expertise of our very own Tom Brind, armed with his magical box of tricks and a sizeable wheel of Kanthal, budding enthusiasts were given a step by step guide, taking them through the process of customising their RDA’s.

The must do’s, the definitely don'ts, and some troubleshooting, thrown in for good measure; resulting in an extremely cloudy store with passers by wondering “What an earth they’re doing in there?”. We laughed, we cried (the odd dry hit can do that to you!) but most of all we Vaped, and had a wicked time in the process. 

If you’re a future RIP Tripper, interested in honing your skills, then fear not, we’ll be running more 'Vape Nights', in London, Essex and Kent over the coming months. Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter to register your interest. And ladies, you were missed! We want to see a few more of you take part next time around. 

The only thing left to do is thank all you folks that came down to our vape meet in London, until next time Vapers… Keep it Drippy!

Vape and Juice UK. 

Glen Waters

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