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Can you vape indoors?

Can you vape indoors?

If you have spent years smoking and spending time outside in the cold hunched over a fag, then you’ll be glad to know, you can vape indoors without making your house stink. The lingering smell of ciggies, and not to mention the redecoration over the yellow walls every few years, may have put you off lighting up in front of the TV. But with vaping, you can enjoy it in the warm this winter.

With your Vape device you will be able to vape indoors without damaging your freshly painted walls, or running the risk of locking cigarette smoke into the fabrics in your home. The only complaint you may get from other non vapers in the room is that the scent of the juice is a little strong, sometimes non vapers actually like the smell!

While you may be happy enough to vape indoors in your own home, not everywhere in public is vape friendly. Shops, hospitals, cinemas and resturants are usually a no vape zone, however your local pub may be more open to you vaping at the bar. Just be vigilant to those around you who might not be used to seeing vapor, or people who are eating. If you’re vaping in a pub there is no need to start cloud chasing, which may draw in negative attention from others.

Some workplaces are 100% against vaping indoors, particularly if you work in a hospital, shop, cinema etc. However there is a case for those who work in an office setting as they’d not need to leave the desk so often to go for a cigarette break. Though, more often than not, vaping indoors in the workplace is off the cards. At Vape and Juice HQ and in all of our stores our employees can vape indoors to their hearts content!

You can rest assured that you can vape indoors without damaging your home, and the vapour shouldn’t set off your smoke alarm, unless you blow the vapour directly into it and have a few people doing the same. You may find that if you do vape indoors in public places that allow it, its nice to be considerate and use a mouth to lung device tank such as the Nautilus X or Nautilus 2, which use less power and vape a smaller cloud. You can check out those Aspire Nautilus tanks by clicking the links on their names above.

Another way to limit the amount of cloud your vape gives off, is to use a higher PG liquid. VG heavy liquids often used in sub ohm and high power devices are full of the cloud producing element VG – Vegetable Glycerin. Check out some of our most popular higher PG liquids here.

Vaping indoors and out of the cold is just another reason to kick the fags and join the world of vaping.

If you have any more questions you can always add a comment below, drop us a yell on the live web chat or pop in and talk to one of trained team members. You’ll find us in our vape and ecig shops in Clapham, South Woodham Ferrers, Taunton, Merriott, Crewkerne, Chelmsford, Benfleet, Southend High Street, Leigh on Sea, Colchester, Clacton, Barking, Basildon, Margate, Canterbury, Hackney, Islington, Highgate, Enfield and even Ibiza.

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