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Are Terpenes Safe to Vape?

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What are terpenes and what do they do in CBD vape?

Terpenes exist in the plant word, which includes cannabis. They have their own therapeutic benefits and have been used as ingredients in household items and medications for years. 

When you vape CBD which contains terpenes it may have the entourage effect. This means that it may enhance your CBD experience by adding other therapeutic benefits and getting them to work in synergy.

For example, one terpene, bisabolol may be good for helping with skin conditions and another, such as Eugenol, may be good for toothache.

Do CBD Terpenes get you high and are they safe to vape?

Terpenes are plant compounds and will not get you high. It is THC which gets you feeling high, not terpenes or CBD. 

Terpenes are safe to vape. However, you shouldn’t vape them on their own. Your full spectrum CBD vape juice will contain terpenes.

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