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Snow Wolf from Asmodus – UK Review from the London Vape Shop

We aren’t talking about an endangered white scary dog, as much as we possibly should, but the snow wolf we have our hands on is the 200watt box mod beast from AsMODus.

The snow wolf edition box mod, is a temperature control, variable wattage vape gadget that looks beautiful. A glass front finish with a chrome edge surround, houses a helluva powerful GX200 chip, fired up by dual 18650s that will make cloudchasing easy as wink.

With a limited run of 5000 pieces, the initial batch had a few problems, these have been ironed out and the reviews on these devices from vape shops across the UK and US have been glowing like a double clapton coil.

Snow Wolf from Asmodus - UK Review from the London Vape Shop



  • Temperature Control
  • Magnetic back door
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Locking mechanism

Key features explained

Temperature control ensures that when the cotton gets dry the device stops firing, ensuring a constant smooth vape and no dry hits. This works with Titanium or Nickel coils as opposed to Kanthal.

The magnetic back door as is more common these days, saves the irritation of mini screws. The power of the magnetic connection is exactly what you would hope for in a premium device such as the Wolf.

Reverse battery protection saves your device and your batteries in case they are incorrectly inserted. Admitted it, we have all done it on occasion with 18650s!


The fact this edition keeps selling out across the board shows the interest for a premium device is out there. After first seeing it in our Enfield ecig shop and in the Colchester vape shop, getting rave reviews from customers keen to show off their new mods, we knew we needed to take a closer look. As far as aesthetics go, I’d say it stands alongside top line beauties such as the Variant or the new Sigelei TC 150. Sleek, well finished, solid in hand but not bulky – scores on the board for its looks is 10/10.

Functionality and usability are straightforward and tick all the current market demands, such as temperature control and a high wattage allow for operating ultra low sub ohm resistance. There is a locking mechanism to ensure no pocket firing and a range of protections on offer. The display screen is lovely and clear – its hard to give a device straight 10s across the board, but for the current market, this is a winner.

Check it out in our vape shop store in Colchester, Southend, Clacton, Essex; Enfield, North London and Canterbury, Kent. 

Priced online at £110.00 you can pick it up here….

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