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The Joyetech Egrip Box Mod Review

Joyetech are the guys responsible for creating the Egrip, a box mod the size of an Eleaf but with a built in tank. It’s a 20Watt variable mod that has the title currently of ‘Most Stealthy Mod’.

Now in store, the unit packs every much as punch as an Eleaf but with for some; a favourable advantage of not having an external tank. While this inhibits it in some ways, as it can’t operate alongside a dripper or the variety of interesting tanks on the market – it serves a need for a good many in the vaping community. 

With the only protruding point of the unit being the drip tip, the juice is loaded via an internal channel on the side of the device – with a similar access point available for replacing coils. 

The variable wattage option ranges from 8 to 20W, adjusted by a 360 dial and the tank has a variated airflow option which makes it a non too shabby piece of kit.  

The battery life is a little less than the iStick at 1500 mAh and doesn’t have variable voltage but it does save money on initial kit outlay in that a tank is included. If you’re a user that wants a simple, quality, small device, that has a battery life that can last while on the go; then it’s worth checking out the Egrip. As we say frequently, we are an independent retailer, which gives us huge flexibility over what stock we make available for our customers. We are putting the Egrip on the shelves as we believe its a definite option. Available at the vape shop in enfield and other Vape and Juice shops in Canterbury, Southend and Clacton.

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