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Organic Cotton vs Silica in coils and RDAs

If you take the time ever to look at the replacement coil heads that screw in to your Kanger tanks or similar coil based clearomisers you may notice a shiny cotton poking out the sides. This is the absorbent wick that soaks up the ejuice in your ecig and is heated by a wrapped coil in this small component of your vaping device.

What is that stuff and why is it used?

The material is known as Silica and is commonly used in spare kanger or other ecig coils as it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and acts as an insulator too. Vape and Juice have these spare coils available in store at our vape shop canterbury and enfield as well as our essex vape shops; if you need more of these. They do a job and they are cheap and cheerful, but there are other options out there.

So is silica the best form of wool for my coils?

In a word… no. Silica does the job for most people and while it is resistant to high temperatures and makes it less likely to burn out fast; few ecigs operate at such high temperatures that require such an industrial solution. In fact silica is less absorbent than organic cotton wools or japanese wool and the likelihood of burning a silica coil before it is fully soaked up is a far more common problem. If you have ever changed a coil over and tried to vape on it too soon; you may be familiar with that burnt taste. This is the silica wick taking an eternity to absorb your tipple.

For this reason, rebuildable fans and users of drippers are encouraged to grab organic cotton wool, which can be torn apart and finger rolled into fine strand bundles of wick, which is then popped through the wrapped coil on their RDAs. The cotton soaks up the juice that much quicker and provides for a more fuller taste of flavour too.

Vape and Juice are now stocking a handy rebuildable express kit featuring a 26 or 24 gauge kanthal wire stream and a set of Japanese Yu Gi Oh organic cotton pads. For the adventurous you can disassemble a used protank coil  and replace not just the cotton but also the small wire loop. We stock pre made coils too if this is up your street. Effectively with a little time and a sense of adventure, its entirely possible to turn a clone protank or similar into a supercharged cloud maker. 

All of our stores, have a technical support on hand to help you better understand rebuildables and making your own coils if this is the route you wish to go down. We provide a bespoke coiling service as well as offering rebuilt coil upgrades. So, next time your coils are done with; pop them into a jar and bring them down one afternoon to the vape shop Cantebury or our ecig shop enfield so we can show you ‘Frankenvaping’.


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