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SMOK Fetch Pro vs SMOK Fetch Mini Kit – Which is better?

SMOK Tech have added another kit to their list. The new kid on the block is the SMOK Fetch Pro kit, which includes some upgrades from its predecessor, SMOK Fetch Mini.

If you’ve been in two minds about which one of these great pod kits would suit you best, then read on. We are going to discuss the main differences between the SMOK Fetch Pro and Mini to help you make your decision. 

SMOK fetch mini vs smok fetch pro

Specifications SMOK Fetch Mini kit

  • Pod size – 2ml
  • Battery size – 1200mAh built in
  • Resistance range – 0.3-2.5ohm
  • Output wattage – 5-40W
  • Dimensions – 76mm x 42.8mm x 18.4mm

Specifications SMOK Fetch Pro kit

  • Pod size – 2ml
  • Battery size – 18650 external battery
  • Resistance range – 0.1-2.5ohm
  • Output wattage – 5-80W
  • Dimensions – 93.5 X 46 X 22mm

In SMOK Fetch Mini Vs SMOK Fetch Pro we look at:

  • Battery
  • Power
  • Resistance
  • Size and style
  • Pod capacity and filling
  • Airflow
  • Final thoughts 


The SMOK Fetch Mini kit has a built in 1200mAh battery, which is pretty impressive when you consider the size of the actual device. This battery should have no problem seeing you through the day if you are out and about and not chain vaping, of course.

The SMOK Fetch Pro has an external 18650 battery. This is a great upgrade as you can have a few full batteries on your person to ensure you never run out of charge. Ideal if you are out and away from your charge points and want to vape at higher wattage. 


Both the SMOK Fetch Mini and SMOK Fetch Pro have adjustable power. This is altered using the little LED screen and buttonsHowever, the SMOK Fetch Pro has the ability to reach up to 80W, where the SMOK Fetch Mini reaches maximum of 40W. 

Higher wattage means more vapour and throat hit. However, running your device at these higher watts can cause you to use more e-liquid than you would with fewer watts. You will also use more battery life too. 

This will be something you would consider when deciding between the SMOK Fetch Pro and the SMOK Fetch Mini. Do you need the bigger cloud, stronger throat hit and the higher watts? Or are you happy with a smooth vape at the lower end of the watts?


The SMOK Fetch Mini’s resistance range starts at 0.3ohms, where as the SMOK Fetch Pro starts at 0.1ohms. Both resistances are below 1ohm and will allow for sub ohm vaping and high VG eliquids

Both devices have coils suitable for direct to lung vaping. You can buy some MTL Nord coils if you have a different vaping style, but these aren’t the best kits for MTL vaping. 

Size and style

There isn’t too much difference in the size of each of the devices. The Fetch Pro is slightly taller and wider than the Fetch Mini. They will both still comfortably fit in your pocket or purse. However, if you are really looking for a small kit over other features, then the Fetch Mini will probably be best suited to you. 

The SMOK Fetch Pro has a slightly longer mouthpiece and the LED display is on the front. The SMOK Fetch Mini has the display on the side. 

Pod capacity and filling

Both the Fetch Mini and the Fetch Pro have 2ml refillable pods as per EU regulations. 

The fill ports on the Mini are a little small and you may be more likely to have a little juice spillage if you are not careful with the refill. You will also need to empty the pod before you change the coil, or you will end up with a mess. 

We love the magnetic pod connector on both of these kits. 


The SMOK Fetch Mini does not have the ability to adjust the airflow. The airflow on this device is determined by the coil you are using. The SMOK Fetch Pro does have adjustable airflow, allowing you to further tailor your vape.

Final thoughts

Both of these kits are great pod devices. However, you might choose one over the other if you are looking for something smaller in size, like to make adjustments to airflow or if you prefer an external battery.

Both these from SMOK will take high VG eliquids and are best used with DTL vaping style. If you are more into mouth to lung, then check out our starter kits here. 

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