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SMOK are well known for bringing out lots of kits, and lots of iterations of the same kit. We’ve seen a fair few Nords over the years as well as RPM kits. 

The SMOK RPM is a pod mod style kit and the features vary between kits. We’re going to take you through the different SMOK RPM kits so you can decide which one would suit you and your needs best. 

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SMOK RPM review

SMOK RPM 2S Review

RPM 2 Review

The SMOK RPMS 2 S is an external battery pod mod that packs some power. Let’s explore. 


The RPM 2S is capable of firing up to 80W. It has a 1.14” colour display screen where you can see puff count/time, watts, voltage, ohms and battery life at a quick glance. You’ll enjoy a ramp up time of just 0.001s with the SMOK RPM 2S.

This kit also has safety features that have become a standard for SMOK, including overheat protection, short circuit protection and 8 second cut off. The magnet holding the pod in place is strong, which is always a bonus. 


Unlike its predecessor, the RPM 2S has an external 18650 battery. This makes it slightly bigger than the original RPM 2. However, the benefits of having an external battery really outweigh the cons of a slightly taller pod mod. 


The RPM 2S weighs just over 132 g (including the battery) and comes in at 115 mm x 31 mm x 28.5 mm. There are 6 colours to choose from, each with a nice shiny finish. There is an ergonomic mouthpiece that is great for both vaping styles. 


The coils options for the RPM 2S are where the device really shines. With your hardware you will get an RPM pod and an RPM 2 pod. You have the option to choose between MTL or DL coils to fit in these pods. The vast selection of coil options is impressive, from RBA’s to single, dual and triple mesh, the options are pretty great for all vapers.

Just keep in mind, lower wattage and a higher resistance coil (mostly above 0.6ohm) will be best for MTL vaping. 

SMOK RPM 80 PRO Review

RPM 80 Pro

The SMOK RPM 80 PRO is another in the RPM series that made waves. This pocket sized device packs some power and even has some advanced features. More on that next. 


The RPM 80 PRO by SMOK is an 80 watt, adjustable kit. It has a 0.96inch display where you can easily see and adjust watts, check the volts, ohms, battery life and puff count/time. You can even change the colour of the display. 

The RPM80 RGC pod has adjustable airflow, allowing you to add an extra element to your vape experience. 


The RPM 80 Pro has an external 18650 battery. The RPM 80 has a built in 3000mAh battery. This is charged using either an external charger (for the RPM 80 Pro) or using the fast charging port.


With the RPM 80 Pro you can choose between 7 colours, each with a resin style design. The Pro is 109 mm x 26 mm x 31.55 mm and weighs around 125 g, including the battery. This device has a drip tip style mouthpiece, which is good for both styles of vaping. 


The RPM series really stands out because of the coils. The RPM 80 Pro is no different. There are options to use either MTL or DL coils as well as RBA options. Using the RGC RBA coil will allow you to really customise your vape if you are into that.

If you are looking for something out the box then you will be spoiled for choice with options of single, dual and triple coils. The RPM pod is compatible with all the RPM 40 coils too. 

The RGC Colonial Mesh 0.17ohm is actually going to support the power as high as 80 watts!

SMOK RPM 40 Review

RPM Review

The SMOK RPM 40 is the OG. It’s the one we got to know and love first. When it was released, the pod mod was a step up from the most basic SMOK Nord, with a few added features and styling.


SMOK RPM 40 is a modern and slick looking kit. It has the ability to fire between 1-40 watts. Just like the others in the series, you can see watts, puff time, puff count, voltage, ohms and battery life on the screen. The screen also allows you to change the colour if you fancy mixing things up a little. 

The RPM 40 has an internal IQ-R chip which speeds up the firing time to 0.001S.


This kit features an internal 1500mAh battery. This can be flat to full charged in just 2 hours. When vaping at a lower wattage you will probably notice this easily gets you through the day, if not into the next too. 


17 colours and styles to choose from with the RPM 40. It comes in at 99 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm and weighs 99 g. The mouthpiece on the RPM 40 is an ergonomic mouthpiece rather than a drip tip, but still suitable for MTL and DL vaping. 


With the RPM 40 you get two pods included. The Nord and the RPM pods. This means that you can use both coil collections, opening up your options dramatically. You can even choose to build your own with the RPM RBA if you want to get technical and are an experienced vaper. 

RPM Collection Review

The RPM pod collection is a fantastic option for both new vapers quitting cigs and experienced vapers looking for something pocket sized but powerful. 

While you don’t have modes such as TC control, the series does allow you to tailor your vape with lots of coil options. The coil options mean you can switch between MTL and DL vaping, as well as build your own. 

There are a wide range of colours and styles to choose from in the range too, there will be surely something to suit your taste. 

The RPM collection also features all the safety features you would expect from a big brand such as SMOK, so you can vape with peace of mind. 

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