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What are the benefits of using a squonk mod?

Before we dive into what the benefits are of using a squonk mod, it might be an idea to let you know exactly what a squonk mod is.

A squonk mod is a bottom feeder mod. The vaporizer supplies your vape juice through a tube into a hollow pin and into your RDA. It is a self-contained, user friendly and convenient way to enjoy dripping.

What exactly are the benefits of using a squonk mod? Why would you switch?

  • Minimal leaking: Leaking and overflow is a thing of the past because any excess vape juice ends up back in the bottle.
  • Intense flavour: You’ll find that the flavour is similar to what you would experience using an RDA.  
  • Convenient: You can squonk on the go, which prevents you having to constantly drip when you are out and about. You also won’t need to keep stopping to re-fill your tank.
  • Vapor: Vapor production is similar to that of dripping.

There are a few benefits of using a squonk mod, now let’s look at some drawbacks.

  • More juice required: You’ll probably find that you consume more juice because it is such a convenient way to vape meaning that you might find yourself picking it up more often.
  • Smaller selection: There isn’t a huge choice of regulated squonk mods on the market, many of the mods are unregulated.

Have you tried using a squonk mod? What would you say are the benefits or drawbacks of this type of vaping technique? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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