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 Vaping in Australia 

Is it legal and where do I buy new vape products?

Becky Spencer-Davies

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, so it is no wonder that people all over the world are taking it up. The industry has exploded with 239,000 vaping in Australia alone. Worldwide the industry is growing fast with the estimated number of vapers in the world being 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. Now that is some impressive growth!

Is vaping legal in Australia? 

Vaping in Australia is legal, however, there are a few rules and regulations around it for Queensland. In Queensland, you are not allowed to buy nicotine e-cigarettes or e-juice for your personal use. This is because it is classified as a schedule 7 Dangerous Poison under the National Poisons standard. For example, you are not allowed nicotine in your e-liquid unless it is for nicotine withdrawal or helping you stop smoking. This has to be prescribed by a doctor before you can have it. If caught with nicotine and no prescription you can face a fine.

If you live anywhere in Australia other than Queensland you will be able to buy and sell e-liquid containing nicotine.

Can I import e-juice from overseas?

It is legal to import e-juice into Australia from the UK or any other country. However, if it contains nicotine it will not be legal in Queensland. Other states are no problem. If you are importing vape products to Queensland then you need to make sure you have a prescription from a registered medical professional. You will not be able to share your products with anyone and will only be able to order a 3 month supply at one time. 

Why buy vape juice from the UK and have it shipped to Australia?

I’m sure in Australia vape shops you have some great flavours, but in the UK you can get something different. Transport yourself to a tennis game with a tank full of strawberries and lashings of cream. Dream of sipping pink lemonade when you enjoy Pink Label. Think of picnics in the lush green countryside as you inhale crisp English apple and cinnamon.  

Does Vape and Juice ship to Australia?

Yes! We ship our juice, kits, CBD and accessories to Australia. You can order online and have your items delivered to your door on the other side of the world! 

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