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Vape Hacks for the Consummate Vaper

Whether you’re new to vaping, been vaping a while, or are a bit of a pro at rebuildable coils, you’ll want to know about these vape hacks.

1. Keep Hand Sanitiser Handy

You probably know about this one already – keep hand sanitiser close by. If you’ve ever been filling up your vape and spilled some liquid on your skin, you’ll know how sticky it can get (especially if you’re not able to wash your hands!) The alcohol in the sanitiser works wonders to getting the liquid off.

 2. Lego Blocks =  Atomiser Holder

This is my favourite of all the vape hacks. Lego blocks make the perfect place to store your 510 atomisers or clearomisers. It will keep them upright to prevent any leakage, and if they’re glass, then they will be protected from smashing. It also looks pretty cool!

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 3. Vinegar/Lemon Juice = Copper Mod Cleaner

Has your copper mod lost its shine? You can buy a copper cleaner from the shop, however it will probably set you back a few pounds. How about this vape hack, instead – use Lemon Juice or Vinegar to clean your copper mod. All you need to do is dab a little on a cloth and then rub it gently on the mod. Rinse with cold water and then dry it off.

 4. Nail Clippers = All-in-One Vapers Tool 

Using nail clippers is one of the vape hacks you must know about if you’re building your own coils, because they’re great for clipping wire and cotton.  When you pick some up, get them with the little file on the end – it’s is the perfect tool to wick your RDA’s.

 5. Wash your Rebuildable Coils

You built a pretty impressive coil, but now it’s starting to get black and gunky. Rather than building it again, use this (one of the top vape hacks) to get your coil shining again. Simply fire up your vape until it’s glowing red and dip it in running water. You’ll see that your coils are cleaned up and ready to be re-wicked.

 6. Leaky Tank?

Is your tank leaking or bubbling & spitting at you? Have no fear! Just turn your whole device upside down and hold the fire button for a couple of seconds. Repeat this two or three times and all that pesky excess will drip out from the drip tip – just be sure to have a bit of tissue to catch the drips! (Note this will not get rid of excess that is already in the airflow base, but will prevent more from gathering there.)

Do you know any other vape hacks? Drop us a message below and let us know. Until then, stay safe and vape on! 

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