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Kanger KBOX 200W (200 watt) Bod Mod UK Review

Kanger KBOX 200W Box Mod UK Review

Its small, does temperature control on Nichrome wire, dual 18650, yes its the KBOX 200watt box mod. Don’t confuse this mod with the earlier version of the Kanger 200w mod, think of this as an upgrade to the KBOX 70. The 70 is a mod I still use, although I get the usual wobbly fittings issue that is often talked about – so Vape and Juice asked me to take a look at the upgrade and, well a free new bit of hardware in my lounge, I wasn’t going to turn down.

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Now for those who like temp control mods, then I won’t go into a great level of detail on that here, but its a new feature for Kanger and they have begun to use it on their mods including this KBOX 200W. I prefer to shove on a Cleito or my new VGOD Trick Tank, with a low ohm coil and crack on. 

With the KBOX 200W fresh out the box you will see an authentication code on the back of the box and you can pull it from the LCD display too. The much clearer manual written for an English speaking audience makes fairly light work of that. For those who have been vaping for a number of years, you will remember the ebay standard chinese user manuals that may as well have asked you to work it out for yourself. Kanger have improved in terms of quality of paraphenalia they chuck in now to make their products as user friendly as possible. Inside the box you will also see the battery wraps, so your bright yellow, green or purple 18650 batteries don’t show through the vent holes. I think that is a really well thought out touch.  

Batteries and the KBOX 200W

The KBOX 200W doesn’t come with built in batteries, so it means using 18650 batteries you might currently own, or need to go out and grab some. You can charge them directly via the mod, or as most prefer to do, pick up a decent LCD display charger such as the Nitecore UM20 or Eizfan options. (Check out those here) While that means some additional outlay, it does mean you can carry spares and never be out of power, and aren’t at the mercy of the internal battery packing up one day. A bit more cash for the option of a lot more life out of a device isn’t exactly a dealbreaker.

The battery door is no longer a magnetic fix, it now slides on and off. When you first get the KBOX 200W bod mod open to fit your 18650 batteries, you may find its a little loose, just pinch the metal down and that will make it a more snug fit in the future. After doing that little trick, I’ve found its been a nice fit in place.

Fitting the batteries in is pretty easy, the plus and minus (-ive and +ive) terminals are clearly marked and getting them out is helped with a finger groove and some rear holes which mean poking them out with the flat part of a pen or pencil is realistic.


Yeah you can upgrade the internals on the KBOX 200W, and update the firmware, I haven’t had a chance to see what options that gives me but at least its on the table to do. Thats all I can add here.



The KBOX 200W is simple to turn on and get using, its a lot like the NEBOX and Subbox if you have used them in terms of button layout and set-up functions. The pin is a copper plated 510 connector, which as many have discovered, while is allegedly pin-loaded spring connected – lacks a bit of springiness. That said, my RDAs and tanks have all fitted on it flush and worked with no problems. I’ve tested it out on a Tesla RDA, Tsunami, Griffin, Cleito, Triton Mini and a VGOD Trick Tank – all dandy.

One point of note, which any users of the KBOX 70 will have experienced before, when you pop on a new tank, it doesn’t always update the ohms read in the LCD display. Not that it won’t fire correctly, it just should ask ‘New Coils + for Yes etc’. My KBOX 70 is pretty temperamental on this, and it seems the KBOX 200W box mod has the same affliction. If you unscrew it and try again, it will generally work. But its a shame that this issue hasn’t been ironed it. I’ve got a 1.2 ohm coil on my triton mini right now sat on the KBOX 70 and I’m firing it at 18 watts. The device works fine, but the screen read is reading 1.8ohms. This doesn’t bother me now, but makes it harder to sense when the coil is dying as usually the resistance increases on the display. This can cause a few issues when setting the temp control – worth noting if you are a temp control buff.

The size of the mod is really good, its much smaller than the IPVs, Snowwolf, Sigelei products out there but pumps out the same power levels. Its not a lot of money for a big brand powerful mod, that’s for sure.

The display is magnified and easy to read, the button format is very simple. 5 clicks on/5 clicks off etc – 3 buttons to change to Temp Control. There isn’t the rattle like you got with the KBOX 70, the KBOX 200W has a ton of ventilation and while small it can take a 22mm tank perfectly. Pretty sturdy built and for £44.99 it’s not going to break the bank. Check it out online here

Professor Vapes KBOX 200W Review: 8/10

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