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Is vaping complicated?

Is vaping complicated?

Customers often come into our stores and ask “is vaping complicated” having seen their friends with fancy mods who have told them in detail how to build coils and create huge clouds…

No, vaping isn’t complicated if you don’t want it to be. Don’t be put off.

Vaping is as complicated as you want to make it. If you come by one of our shops, or have a look online, you will soon see that we offer various kits to suit those just starting to vape and those who want to get something more from their device and vaping experience.

If you are worried about vaping being too complicated then we would suggest you start off with a starter kit pen style device. The on the majority of vape pen devices you will just have the one button, the fire button which you press five times to turn on/off and press and hold when you take a puff. One of our team will be able to find a juice that is best suited to a device like this one and to your own personal tastes too.

Vaping gets complicated when you move on to box vapes, which usually have a display which shows settings for voltage, watts, puff count, battery and even sometimes games. Once you have found that you are comfortable with vaping and as you get to know more about what you want to get from your vape, you may wish to look into a device such as this. However, many people are happy to carry on with their basic vape device to keep things less complicated.

When you first walk into a vape shop or look online it can feel quite overwhelming. Make sure you don’t over complicate vaping when you first start or you may find your way back onto your simple old ciggies. Stick with pre built coils and user friendly vape pens until you get the hang of it all.

Vaping is complicated if you start to tinker around with rebuildables and sub ohm vaping. However, if you’re not entering any cloud completions, are happy with your off the shelf device and coils, then there is no need for vaping to ever get more complicated than deciding what juice to try!  

If you are worried that vaping is complicated and are not sure where to start then come to Vape and Juice or chat to us online where we will be more than happy to point you in the direction of some great devices, juices and accessories.

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