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Does vaping affect sleep?

Does vaping affect sleep

Does vaping affect sleep

Once you have decided to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you may start to notice a few changes. Not only in how you smell (which is much better) but how you might sleep, which you could find to be worse.

So how does vaping affect sleep?

Vaping can affect your sleep, however before you unplug your vape from charge and storm off to buy a packet of Marlboros, remember that this is just short term. There are things you can do to stop vaping impacting your nights rest.

First off, let’s look at why vaping can affect your sleep.

If you are using e-liquids containing nicotine, then you need to remember that nicotine is a stimulant, just like caffeine is. If you’ve been puffing on your vape just before bed then you might find it tough to drop off.

As a smoker you may have had a quick pre bed fag and gone straight to sleep, however you should remember that the nicotine in e-cigs can be more potent than the nicotine in regular straights.

So how can you stop vaping affecting your sleep?

  • Cut down nicotine
  • Choose a vape liquid with a lower nicotine level. Juice at Vape and Juice range from a 0mg right up to a 18mg. Select one on the lower end, even if it is just for the night time vapes.

  • Don’t vape in the evening
  • Set yourself a cut off point for when you won’t vape. This will give you enough time for your body to get rid of the chemicals before you hit the pillow, allowing you for a restful night’s sleep.

    If you’ve just taken up vaping and are worried that it is stopping you from getting to sleep, then try eliminating nicotine a few hours before bed. You might also want to consider other stimulants you might be having at night that could be causing the problem, such as caffeine.

    Check out our range of vape juices where you will find a choice of flavours in various strengths. Look at the juices in 0-3mg if you are cutting down in the evenings because vaping affects your sleep.

    We also have lots of great flavours in 0mg, which you can find here

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