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iPV mini 2 0.5-70watt for sale and reviewed

If you are after an ergonomic yet powerful box mod that doesn’t rely on a built in battery, then check out the iPV mini 2. The latest update from Pioneer4you, in the iPV mini series, is the 0.5-70 watt device that features the same size box as the previous 30 watt unit but with an upgraded YiHi chip that allows the device to fire tanks with as low resistance as 0.2 ohms. We have it on sale in our UK vape shops, but here’s a little review on the device itself.

So whats the ultimate difference between the 30watt and the 70watt Mini iPV?

With 30 watts you can fire a subtank at a reasonably standard level; although some coil units in the likes of Delta 2 etc operate better at around the 40watt mark; this means the previous iPV mini will fail to deliver the true benefits of the newer cloud chaser tanks on the market. The 70 watt iPV will handle all the 0.5 ohm subtanks, but will accommodate the Atlantis 2, Herakles, Arctic etc. 

Charging and Battery changes

The mini features a micro USB port that makes charging direct through the device pretty straightforward and without the need for a separate stand alone charging unit. The base unscrews very easily if you want to slot in a new battery pack – no faffing about with screwdrivers.

The sexy bit – Safety features

Yes, breath easy, this little bit of kit has plenty of face explosion protection.

  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection – No worries if you pop the battery in the wrong way
  • High input voltage warning – means you know if you are using the wrong charger
  • Low resistance and low voltage warning

Lets connect

The mini has a floating top 510 thread connection, which means any range of RBAs/RDAs and tanks can sit flush on the top without losing connectivity between the unit and the coil of the tank. 


The iPV mini comes from a cracking manufacturer, there are few more respected than the iPV company – Pioneer 4 You. It’s rival in the marketplace is the Sigelei Mini 50watt, a really nice looking mini box also, but which lacks the internal chip to cater for the next generation of tanks, here the iPV mini 2 wins hands down. The YiHi chip is also a ‘go-to’ engineer of quality internal electronic circuitry. The mini is a superb product if you want the long term operational ability you get from a device that lets you change the battery over; but a smaller less bulky device that can handle the lower resistance tanks on the market. Cloudchasing? No Problems. All day vape? No problems.

Check out our little feature video on our Youtube channel here, or find it in our online shop here.

If you want to see the device in person, come down to our vape shop in Colchester, Clacton, Southend, Essex; or our London electronic cigarette shop in Enfield; and Canterbury, Kent. 


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